Our story

Tradition & Time Spirit

For more than 20 years - Unconditionally for you.

123GOLD is the market and innovation leader in Europe with around 70 partners. The unconditional love of our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We deliver the highest quality, at the best price-performance ratio and top this with exceptional personal advice. No one manufactures as many individual wedding rings, engagement rings and diamond jewelry each year.
The variety of brands at 123GOLD grew. We developed new and exclusive brands.
Another 14 locations were opened. In addition, we also launched our own online store in Germany.
With the invention of the first wedding ring configurator, the history of the wedding and jewelry industry in Germany was revolutionized. The first retail store was opened in Friedrichdorf in the Taunus region. Now we were able to work on behalf of love. To our own surprise, customers from all over Germany came to us in Friedrichsdorf to customize, feel, try and finally buy wedding rings. We were able to make so many couples happy!
With the 123GOLD brand, an idea was born: customizable wedding rings, as unique as love.
Foundation of Bacio d'oro Schmuckvertriebs GmbH. We still feel it as if it was yesterday - the question why jewellery can not simply be available individually online, did not let us go. It took a lot of courage to welcome the first customers in our small office. Just like our lovers, we always stayed positive, walked the path of uncertainty together and were able to change an entire industry. Today, with 108 employees and 70 locations, we have never forgotten one thing: No matter what happens, we always believe in ourselves and our courage.