The reason why we can offer you wedding rings at such advantageous prices:

At 123GOLD we can offer you the most valuable wedding rings, engagement rings and jewelry at a very fair price-quality ratio. This is due in part to our small margin and large orders, and on the other hand to our efficient marketing and distribution strategy - and not least to our very technically advanced configurator and a software specially programmed for our business model, which configures extremely economically, in terms of costs, the whole process from design to delivery. Regardless of the budget you want to allocate for your wedding rings - with us you can achieve your dream design through the diversity of the materials used.


123GOLD makes thousands of happy bridal couples every year through their wedding rings. Every year we sell over 60,000 wedding rings and an ordinary jeweler sells about 100-200 wedding rings! Due to the volume, we have the possibility to obtain even lower purchase prices even in the case of individual piece manufacturing, which we gladly pass on to our customers.

Efficient marketing and low distribution costs

Many brands have high marketing and distribution costs; Costs that are added once again on the spot by the traders. The 123GOLD wedding ring marketing works very efficiently at low distribution costs. These advantages contribute to the fact that we can offer you wedding rings at very attractive prices.

Wedding ring configurator & technical innovation

123GOLD is not only the inventor of the wedding ring configurator, but also the leader in the further development of this technology. The software specially programmed for our business model illustrates the entire "Wedding Ring Process" from design through configuration to delivery. This slim organization saves a lot of costs for both us and our manufacturers.

Collection development

We are in the happy position of having very competent designers, who model our wedding ring collections based on the configurator technology. Compared to the sales volume, this is achieved only with minimal development costs result, unlike the traditional wedding rings with expensive developments of collections and subsequent distribution through retail.

The quality of the wedding rings

According to our six brand manufacturers, no other customer of theirs has such high demands on product quality as we at 123GOLD. A targeted quality management as well as an exchange of know-how between the manufacturers has as a consequence the fact that you will receive from 123GOLD, at all price categories, only products in the upper area on the quality scale.

123GOLD's philosophy is: the most beautiful and valuable wedding rings for your money!