Because of the very close cooperation with our manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to set precious brilliants at particularly favorable rates.

Try it out. Choose a model and put together your favorite ring with brilliants by means of diamond setting. The brilliants can be set in several ways: channel setting, pavé setting, in the milling line or rubbed in. You can set the brilliants in almost any position and shape you want. Play with the configurator and design the ring that suits you.

Brilliants are diamonds cut in a specific way. This method of cutting, called brilliant cutting, is among the most popular shapes and features a minimum of 57 facets. The cut determines the brilliance of a brilliant and is therefore the decisive criterion for the beauty of a diamond. The shape and angle at which the facets are cut optimally reflect the incoming light and create a fiery brilliance. Brilliant cutting therefore increases the light reflection of a diamond.

The number of brilliants to be applied to the ring naturally depends on the size of the brilliants and the ring itself and is automatically calculated by the configurator.

We wish you lots of fun and look forward to seeing your brilliant creations!

Other possibilities

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